Vekta Automation:Our focus is on building relationships

2020 has started as an exciting year for ECA Member, Vekta Automation. They are in the process of strategically planning for the next three years with a focus on increasing their exporting markets and product offering. They are wrapping up the development of two new products, both will disrupt the market and provide Vekta with a strong entry point for the European market. In all the plans, visions and actions Vekta continues to focus on building relationships- their internal Vekta family, customers, suppliers, partners and associations such as ECA. This is how Vekta will continue to grow to be a global business.

In 2014 Vekta Automation became involved in the Export Awards and started to get a better understanding about the role of the Export Council of Australia. After attending a seminar in Perth in February 2019 the decision was instantly made and they signed up the next day. “A decision we should have made 5 years earlier,” said Shelena Serrano, Operations Manager at Vekta. For Vekta, the information, expertise and networking opportunities that the ECA provides has been valuable. “It is reassuring knowing that there are experienced and knowledgeable people we can turn to when advice is needed, ” added Shelena.

Vekta Automation began with three people working out of a backyard shed in 2009. Armed with a flagship product, the Vekta Razer V5 (an automated, CNC linear saw) Vekta was focused on disrupting the timber prefabricated housing industry (Frame and truss manufacturing) by focusing on the customer, automation and providing support. Over the past 10 years, Vekta has added to their product line to include material handling options for the raw material (timber) and for the handling of the finished products – the frames and trusses. Vekta is heavily focused on researching, developing and commercialising new automated products that improve the safety, efficiency and productivity of their customers manufacturing plants and providing after sales support that is known as the best in the industry.

Vekta’s very first sale was an export sale to North America. In their first two years of operation, Vekta sold more machines into North America and New Zealand than Australia. They continue to export to these two markets and are currently investigating what a European presence would look like.

For Vekta, having experienced Engineers to support their products has been the biggest challenge of exporting – having the boots on the ground. To overcome this, they invest in hiring Engineers in the local market, training them at their Perth manufacturing facility and then relocating them back to the export area. The result – Vekta is getting quite the global family.