Together, we can make a difference and achieve many things.  We can support your efforts by helping you stay informed, being part of a community, building your skills, enhancing your profile, and identifying new opportunities.

You (our members) get:

1. Updated information – Members are alerted to news and reports, including on government policies and regulations, and can access materials that may inform their decisions.

2. On-going capacity building – Exporters benefit from training to build their knowledge and skills, so they are better able to adapt to changing global rules and practices, shifting trade patterns, and new technologies.

3. Access to supportive ecosystems – Facilitating crucial business relationships help exporters succeed, including by connecting them with logistics and financial providers, legal and strategic advisers, and other specialist consultants.

4. An advocate on issues that matter – We articulate members’ views and concerns to government.  Effective and sustainable solutions are best reached through collaboration with governments and other stakeholders.

5. A platform to spotlight your brand – We all need new and more effective ways to communicate with our stakeholders. With our combined reputation and network, we can mutually extend our reach, target the right audience, and boost the impact of our messages.