Intellectual Property: the complete protection for your business

Going global opens you up to new and potentially larger markets, building and growing your business.

Intellectual Property (IP) protection can help you establish your market position and avoid infringing on existing IP in other countries.

Inventia Life Science is an Australian company established in Sydney in 2013. They focus on the development, manufacture and sale of equipment and reagents for advanced medical research assays by means of 3D bioprinting. Their mission is to inspire scientific progress towards better health by re-engineering biology.

Inventia has used a combination of IP rights to protect their business in their commercialisation journey, filing for their first patent in 2015. They then went on to file recently granted patents in the United States and Europe and have also obtained a design right to ensure that the look and shape of their product is protected. The final piece – a trade mark for complete protection, to distinguish their goods and services from other businesses.

You can hear more from Julio and Aidan from Inventia about their journey to commercialisation and the benefits of IP protection on the IP Australia website.

Where can I find out more?

You can visit IP Australia’s website to learn more about taking your business global. You can also read more about the common challenges for exports and what considerations you should take when it comes to IP protection overseas.

If you need help specific to your business or situation, it is recommended you seek advice from an IP professional.