ECA Featured Member: Smart Mango

In this context of globalisation and fierce competition, consumers are exposed to so many choices from all over the world. The best exporters want to better understand their target market and apply specific marketing in order to succeed overseas.

“Having a good product with a decent budget and being able to speak English does not suffice to sell globally.”, says Doris Dunnon, the founder of Smart Mango.

Smart Mango, who has been with the ECA since 2016, specialises in Export Marketing and works with exporters to and from Australia. Their consultants help businesses through their export journey, from prospective marketing and market entry strategy to cultural adaptation, ‘re-branding’ and international promotion. Their expertise help reduce the typical risk, time and cost of growing overseas.

Smart mango was founded in 2013 in Sydney, Australia with the mission to change the typical approach to export. Doris Dunon, the founder had identified an unmet need, to apply marketing to export.

They have now grown into a specialised agency working on niche sectors of construction, manufacturing, IT, environment and education. Their clients come from all over the world, including Australia, France, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Japan, The Netherlands or Canada.
Q: What have been your Greatest achievement/s in 2019?
A: We are always really proud when we work with businesses on a specific project that gets transformed into helping them on their whole export journey, from the research phase of identifying opportunities to the successful market entry and continuous applied marketing. We started to work on their Australian export project two years ago with a market analysis, we then created a differentiating entry strategy. The company has now entered the market, we worked on the establishment of an Australian entity, recruitment, etc and are still working with them being in charge of 100% of their Australian marketing. We are taking them to Australian’s biggest trade show in their industry in 2020.
Q: What’s been big for 2020?
A: 2020 will be big in the construction industry. We are working on some exciting construction projects. We have signed some powerful partnerships some complementary businesses, event organisers in the UK and the US and have slowly but surely build a reputation as an export marketing specialist for building materials and services. We will be showcasing next month at the Sydney Build Expo.
Q: What have been the most notable exporter challenges/ how have they been overcome.
A: Biggest exporter challenge is that we target markets (Western Europe, North America or UAE) which are not on the export priority list of Australians authorities so there’s less support available in terms of information of trade missions.
Niching down has helped a lot and building our own network is key.
Q: Can you mention a few New Export Markets?
A: Markets with a strong offering in building materials and services such as Dubai, Canada, Germany, the UK.

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