Will China's solid waste import ban apply to recycable materials?

We advised in our last Global Trade Updates newsletter ( GTU) news of the upcoming ban on the import all solid waste into China effective 1 January 2021.
We highlight below an article from Shipping Australia that provides further updates on this topic.

Shipping Australia’s article also states that imports of all solid waste into China will be completely banned effective 1 January 2021, according to the Steamship Mutual P&I Club. The existing licensing regime for the import of solid wastes will therefore no longer apply from that date. The ban will even apply to solid wastes that can be reused or recycled into raw materials, such as cargoes of scrap metal, paper, cardboard and wood.
However, media reports indicate that scrap metals and other such goods may possibly be re-classified as recyclable materials and that would be subject to purity standards. China also intends to run down the import volumes of solid wastes during the remainder of this year. The whole article you can find here.