A.H. Beard succeeds despite Covid-19

In 2020, this family-owned Aussie exporter and ECA Member faced an unprecedented challenge. To overcome it and get through the COVID crisis, they decided to do things differently. Ultimately, this saved jobs with everyone banding together as a team to ensure the business could continue.

When Covid hit Australia, AH Beard sales were impacted and despite receiving 1M AUD jobkeeper assistance to help keep everyone on the books, things were tough. Different options were considered but staff showed their loyalty and commitment to the business, going to 4 days pw and taking a voluntary 20% pay cut.

And then something extraordinary happened. After a few weeks into the pay cut and with some staff working from home, sales went trough the roof. All the staff had to go back to 5 days, more staff had to be hired and extra shifts had to be added.

AH Beard made the decision to repay the Government as well as every single staff member was reimbursed their pay-cuts!

AH Beard says the staff accepting the cuts in days and salary helped them manage through the difficult times and they wanted to repay them.

Watch their story on The Project: https://lnkd.in/gQmrNij