Sara Aziz Hakim Morgan


Sara is a certified psychosocial counselor with a master’s degree in psychotherapy and a specialized diploma in counselling survivors of sexual abuse. She has extensive experience in counseling women and girls who survived from traumas and enhancing the quality of their lives.

Sara is an active member in the youth committee in the National Council for women which added to her experience in dealing with women’s different problems and gave her the opportunity to innovate creative solutions or tools to empower women.

Sara is the founder and CEO of Safe Egypt since 2012. Safe vision is to empower kids against sexual abuse and empower women to know their self-worth, set boundaries, defend themselves and be economically stable. Safe Kids has a great work experience in the field of Gender Equality and Women Empowerment through implementing awareness workshops for parents, kids, teens, community leaders. Creating games, stories and songs to empower society against gender-based violence and sexual abuse.

Safe kids believes in the importance of networking with different International and National entities, so through the past 8 years Safe kids collaborated with entities as UNWomen, UNFPA, UNICEF, NCW, NCCM, Save The Children, Care International, different embassies and more.

Sara is the author and content creator of “I’m Precious” book. She is the content creator of “Ana Ghali (I’m Precious)” and “Ha’ool La’a (I will say no)” Arabic songs that empower the society against sexual abuse.


Business description

Safe Kids Egypt works with the methodology of prevention and intervention to raise the community’s awareness against child sexual abuse by providing programs and tools with significant impact on abuse prevention and intervention.

Sara Aziz Hakim Morgan, Egypt