Samrawit Tarekegn Shiferawu


Samrawit Tarekegn Shiferawu has a Masters in control and instrumentation from Delhi technological university, India. She graduated from university of Gondar at electrical and computer engineering specialized in industrial control engineering. Electrical Engineering is her passion. She is a driven business owner dedicated to engaging technology and social sectors. Her greatest strength is in finding tech solutions and strategies to launch a perfect project.


Business description

Mogzit in-home care is an uber for Nannying services. The business provides childcare services for parents in Addis Ababa with convenience and at an affordable cost. Mogzit in-home care aims to be a link between freelance/full-time babysitters and parents who have young children that need to be looked after at home on a regular or irregular basis.

Samrawit Tarekegn Shiferawu, Ethiopia