Lydia Achel


Lydia Achel is a Ghanaian and an accomplished public servant with over 25 years experience in the field of immigration and border Security. I hold a double masters degree in Policing, Intelligence and Counterterrorism with the degree of a master of International security Studies obtained from Macquarie University Sydney, in Australia, I am a 2010 Australian Scholarship awardee. I have served my country in various ways at various major entry points and in various capacities including heading the Ghana Immigration Service Intelligence wing at the Kotoka international Airport.

Lydia manages Buraan Prime Ventures. Buraan Prime is an infant industry in the agribusiness area projected to help reduce post harvest losses, by processing farm harvest into snacks and dips. Buraan Prime has been in business for the past two years but only got registered in February 2021. It has a work force of just 2 workers including me permanently and six by the day workers on production days. We produce snacks made out of plantain, habanero chili paste in three colors good for vegans, pepper sauce coconut oil and honey. Over the last few years or so, I have natured and developed entrepreneurial capabilities and indeed being encouraged by friends and relatives about the values they see in me. The idea came first as a hobby, as I was always called upon to coach a few vulnerable girls through the preparation of simple sauces or how to start their own small businesses or contracted to do so by family friends to carry along abroad, and this was constant. So Buraan Prime Ventures was born. I intend to move Buraan Prime to the next level where my products will be a house hold name in Ghana and be an exporter of its products to other countries.


Business description

Buraan Prime Ventures is an infant industry in the agribusiness area – processing of agriculture products into plantain chips, chilli paste, pepper sauce, coconut oil and honey.

Lydia Achel, Ghana