WTO Global Procurement Agreement (GPA) – 2019 inquiry

Access to foreign markets is extremely important for businesses that sell goods and services to governments. The ECA encourages the Australian Parliament to ratify the WTO GPA. Doing so offers major benefits with no costs.

There is no downside for domestic businesses competing for domestic government contracts, as Australia already has open government procurement markets.

For exporters, it opens up new markets, enhances certainty in existing markets and provides the right of review for discriminatory conduct.

It also reinforces the importance of the WTO as the basis for the global trading system and highlights that despite major obstacles and negative press, the WTO can still deliver freer trade.

The ECA recommends the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties:

  • recommend the Parliament ratify Australia’s accession to the World Trade Oganisation Government Procurement Agreement as soon as possible
  • recommend the Australian Government facilitate training, advice and support for SMEs seeking to sell to goods and services to governments covered by the GPA and Australia’s other free trade agreements.

WTO Global Procurement Agreement (GPA)—2019 inquiry