Trade Policy Recommendations 4: 2017

The Export Council of Australia (ECA) today released its Trade Policy Recommendations 4.0 (TPR 4.0), which focus on the need for closer global engagement by Australian businesses to unlock crucial trade and investment opportunities.

This is the ECA’s fourth set of annual of policy recommendations that we have undertaken on behalf of our members.

The ECA continues to represent the needs of our members and MSMEs and it is our aim at the ECA to enhance trade and investment outcomes, which are crucial for a strong, competitive economy that promotes growth, as well as highlighting the policy settings that will improve efficiencies and promote trade and investment in Australia.

The following nine issues form the core of the paper:

Recommendation 1: Develop a national strategy for trade and investment that defines Australia’s long-term trade objectives, sets priorities for achieving them, and outlines how industry programs will be deployed to support efforts to achieve these objectives.

Recommendation 2: Australia must invest in programs which communicate the importance of trade and investment to Australian jobs and long-term economic prosperity.

Recommendation 3: Implement selected findings of Michael Lee’s June 2015 review of the Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) scheme.

Recommendation 4: The Australian Government must develop a cohesive national brand that can benefit a wide range of sectors.

Recommendation 5: Continue to push for trade liberalisation, including by addressing non-tariff measures, negotiating new trade agreements, and simplifying rules of origin. 
Recommendation 6: Invest in initiatives that support growth in Australia’s service exports

Recommendation 7: Prioritise and deliver a Single Window for trade that also supports the digital transformation to paperless trade.

Recommendation 8: Improve access to finance for Australian companies conducting international business.

Recommendation 9: Continue to support investments in Aid for Trade.

Realising the benefits of increasing trade is the shared responsibility of government, businesses involved in import and export, and the services businesses which support them.

Building this “trade ecosystem” requires investment and representation from all parties.

The ECA is keen to engage with our members and industry partners on trade policy related issues.

Trade Policy Recommendations 4: 2017