Trade Policy Recommendations 2: 2014/2015

Publication overview: Investing in trade is investing to grow

Increasing international competition means that promising and promoting trade and investment in Australia is not optional, it is imperative.

The purpose of the Export Council’s 2014/15 Trade Policy Recommendations is three-fold:

  1. To emphasise the need for a stronger, more competitive economy that enables growth, for which trade and investment are crucial.
  2. To demonstrate where and how policy makers can leverage the G20 summit in Brisbane in November 2014 and implement the recommendations.
  3. To highlight the policy settings needed to improve efficiencies and promote trade and investment in Australia.

This document builds on the recommendations outlined in the Export Council of Australia’s 2013 Trade Policy Recommendations, as well as address issues critical to the G20 Summit, including those raised by the B20 Trade Taskforce. The recommendations are intended to benefit Australian importers and exporters of all sizes and across all industry sectors, with a particular focus on the SME sector. The following six issues form the core of this paper:

  1. Improving competitiveness through regulatory reform and trade facilitation: Unnecessary regulation needs to be cut so we can improve the movement of goods across borders.
  2. Building infrastructure and supply chain efficiencies: Australia’s infrastructure must keep pace with growing demand.
  3. Enhancing Investment: Investment is critical to Australia’s growth and we face tough competition.
  4. Supporting Innovation: Innovation is the way of the future for advanced economies. We need to lift our game.
  5. Advancing Trade Development: Australia needs to be stepping on the accelerator, not the brake, in terms of investment in trade.
  6. Leveraging Free Trade Agreements: We have them, now we need to work on utilising them.

Trade Policy Recommendations 2: 2014/2015