Rowena Leslie

Kalgoorlie, Australia

Rowena Leslie is an experienced business operator. She is a results-driven Project and Contract Manager of Civil Works and Mining projects, one of two hands-on directors of Kai Rho Contracting, a 100% Aboriginal, female led contracting company in Western Australia. Rowena and Kai Rho consistently achieve quality results, delivering client outcomes to the highest standards, backed by a reliable, skilled, and well-managed local Aboriginal workforce. The company’s goal is to empower and provide regular and sustainable work opportunities for local Indigenous Australians. With more than 15 years of on-the-ground experience in project management and corporate governance in the WA Goldfields, Rowena’s experience in mining and resources is strengthened by her law degree from the University of Western Australia and work across corporate, legal and practical disciplines with Perth based Freehills law firm, prior to establishing Kai Rho Contracting. Rowena’s capacity to lead, innovate and inspire a committed Aboriginal workforce to meet high client standards, along with her ability to build fruitful client relationships that provide opportunities for both client and local Aboriginal people, has earned Kai Rho an enviable reputation and industry respect for the company’s capabilities in the specialist civil works and mining sectors.


Overview of products/services

Kai Rho Contracting  leverages opportunities in the mining, civil and tourism industries for the betterment of the community so that Aboriginal people can take control of their own destiny. They currently supply ancillary services to remote mine sites.  They also supply machinery and operators for road works.  They are also providing a platform for aboriginal made products to be sold in corporate gift baskets and potentially overseas.

Rowena Leslie, Australia