Diego Valles

Juan Mata Ortiz, Mexico

By nine years old, Diego Gerardo Valles Trevizo had already made his first clay pieces. Diego has been inspired by the ever-moving designs of the Quezada style and the intricacy of the designs of the second generation of potters. Diego graduated with honors in Electromechanical Engineering from the Higher Technological Institute of Nuevo Casas Grandes in 2005. He also studied one year at the Sydney University of Technology in Australia as part of the Peace Scholarship Program, sponsored by International Development Program IDP Australia and the Secretariat of Public Education of Mexico.

In 2006, he was offered to be part of the exhibition project Mata Ortiz: A Phenomenon Of Forty Years, organized by the American Museum of Ceramic Art AMOCA in the United States and decides to dedicate his time entirely to clay. Since then, Diego has continued to expand the limits of not only Mata Ortiz Ceramics but also traditional Mexican ceramics. In 2010 he was awarded the National Youth Award Bicentennial Edition, the greatest recognition of the Republic of Mexico to its young people, “For the combination of Science, Art and Excellence in the elaboration of its ceramics …”


Overview of products/services

Diego Valles Pottery creates some of the most beautiful and unique ceramics in the world. His creates ceramic artworks using traditional techniques.

Diego Valles, Mexico