Cristen Anaya

Valledupar, Colombia

Cristen Anaya is the Junior Trader that collaborates with the association of indigenous agroecological producers and peasants of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and Serrania del Perija, in the search for commercial allies and cooperators that allow generating well-being in the associate and the family nucleus. After doing her internship in the Anei organization, inspired to cooperate with the vision of sowing peace, weaving the future in community and in harmony with nature, decided to join the mission of finding sustainable alternatives that can generate development and well-being in communities and other related actors. Cristen Anaya Serrano is a professional in International Trade from the Popular University of Cesar.


Overview of products/services

Anei Coffee are an organization made up of 700 producers from families belonging to 4 native communities (Arhuacos, Koguis, Kankuamos, and Wiwas) and farmers from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and Serranía del Perijá (to the north of Colombia). They offer specialty coffees, sustainable by organic and fair-trade certification, with excellent quality.

Cristen Anaya, Colombia