2021 Premier’s NSW Export Awards

Winners Event

Watch the 2021 Premier’s NSW Export Awards below!

Applications now closed. Thank you to all of the exporters who took the time and effort to submit an application. View the list of 2021 NSW Finalists.

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2021 Premier’s NSW Export Awards!

The Premier’s NSW Export Awards program aims to recognise the success and resilience of NSW exporters and their achievements in the international market.

There are 13 national categories and 4 NSW State categories that exporters can consider applying to. Exporters may apply to more than one category.

To apply for this awards program, your company must be based in NSW. If you are based in a different Australian state, please refer to the list of State & Territory partners to find the appropriate awards program.

Winners of the 13 national categories in this program will be put forward to the National Export Awards. The pathway to enter the National Export Awards is through your respective State or Territory awards program only.

Finalist Event

Watch the 2021 Premier’s NSW Export Awards Finalist Event

Key Dates 2021

  • 1 July – Applications open
  • 21 July – 2021 Premier’s NSW Export Awards Livestream Webinar
  • 6 August – Applications close
  • August (ongoing) – Judging period
  • 24 September – 2021 Premier’s NSW Export Awards Finalist Event
  • 21 October – 2021 Premier’s NSW Export Awards

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Why apply?

Applicants benefit by

  • Looking critically at your business, guided by the awards criteria that highlight what’s important for successful international businesses
  • Benchmarking your business against others in your industry


Finalists benefit by

  • Inclusion in Export Awards media/publicity campaigns
  • Profile as an Export Awards finalist on the Export Council of Australia’s website
  • Opportunity to get involved, profile your business, and share your export story at the Export Council of Australia’s export events
  • Profiling opportunities in Export Council of Australia’s marketing (i.e. case studies on successful New South Wales exporters, website exposure etc.)
  • Premier’s NSW Export Awards finalist logo for use on your company’s collateral – put the Export Awards finalist symbol on your business cards, letterhead and brochures to communicate your success to your international clients


Winners benefit by

  • Exclusive use of the Premier’s NSW Export Awards winner’s logo
  • Premier’s NSW Export Awards winner’s trophy and framed winner’s certificate
  • Invitations to Export Council of Australia’s NSW Export Awards winners roundtable and other events

Winning a New South Wales award in one of the 13 national categories also means your company progresses as a finalist in the Australian Export Awards. This means:

  • An opportunity to vie for the Australian Exporter of the Year Award
  • Promotion by Austrade of the Australian Export Awards finalists and on the Australian Export Awards website;
  • An Australian Export Awards National Finalist certificate;
  • Complimentary registration for your team to attend a masterclass hosted by leading experts to gain insights into the latest innovative trends in global business
  • Complimentary attendance to the Australian Export Awards National Awards Ceremony
  • Entitlement to use the national Australian Export Awards logo for your corporate marketing materials
  • Feedback from national judges on your application

Eligibility guidelines

Applications for the 2021 Premier’s NSW Export Awards are invited from firms and organisations that meet the following criteria.


  • Earn foreign exchange.
  • Hold an active Australian Business Number (ABN).
  • Operate as a separate business if part of a larger organisation.
  • Maintain appropriate business ethics and demonstrate a commitment to legal obligations including anti-bribery laws, both in Australia and overseas markets.



  • Applications containing inadequate financial details will not be accepted.
  • Businesses that receive funding from the Government are eligible to apply.
  • Entry is through the State and Territory Export Awards programs, applications are not accepted directly to the national Australian Export Awards. Eligible Winners from a State or Territory Export Awards program automatically progress to become a National Finalist in the Australian Export Awards.
  • Only submit an application in one State or Territory Export Awards program. The application can only be submitted in the state or territory program where the organisation’s head office is located or where the majority of operations are established.
  • Entries are only accepted online via the Export Awards application website exportawards.gov.au.


Product or service

The product or service exported or delivered overseas must include significant (at least 50 per cent) Australian content or value-add, this may include:

  • goods made in Australia from Australian primary products;
  • goods made overseas, mainly using Australian primary products;
  • goods made in Australia from Australian and imported components;
  • goods elaborately transformed in Australia;
  • goods made overseas using substantial Australian value-add, intellectual property (IP) or know-how, including design;
  • services delivered in Australia to foreign individuals or entities; and
  • services delivered overseas using substantial Australian value-add, IP or know-how.


Net benefit

  • Deliver net foreign economic returns to the Australian economy.
  • The applicant must demonstrate ‘net return’ to Australia in terms of profit repatriation and creation of employment in Australia.



  • Organisations can enter in one or more category, but will only be eligible to win an award in one national OR NSW State category.
  • Organisations with a non-metropolitan Head Office may also enter the Regional Exporter Award.
  • Organisations with three years or less of export sales are eligible to enter the Emerging Exporter Award


Previous Winners and Hall of Fame

  • Winners from previous years are eligible to apply, except for inductees in the Australian Export Awards national Hall of Fame.


Government agencies and government owned agencies

  • Government agencies and government owned agencies are not eligible to apply. However, businesses that receive funding from the Government are eligible to apply.


Program Sponsors

  • Sponsors of a State, Territory Export Awards or the Australian Export Awards program are not eligible to apply.

Judging criteria

Areas of focus include:

  • The degree of innovation in the marketing strategy
  • Export growth achieved and the ability to sustain that growth
  • Evidence of sustainable competitive advantage
  • Value and contribution of exporting to business expansion
  • The overall company commitment to international business

The judging criteria are as follows:


SECTION 1 – This section is not judged [0% weighting]



2.1 – 2.2 Criteria

  • Assess the viability of the business, its product/service and how successful the business’ exports/international successes have been this year.

2.3 Criteria

  • Criteria for e-Commerce category: What are the innovative online practices/strategies the applicant has implemented to maximise their reach overseas (look for innovation in platforms, tools used and customer engagement).
  • Criteria for all other industry specific award categories: Assess the company’s activities against the selected category they have applied. Do these activities clearly reflect and effectively demonstrate leadership and innovation in the selected industry sector?



3.1 Criteria

  • Quality of marketing strategy taking into consideration scope of applicant’s international competitive advantage.

3.2 Criteria

  • What diversity and inclusion strategies has the applicant implemented in their business.

3.3 & 3.4 Criteria

Assess the level and sustainability of international revenue considering:

  • As a proportion of total sales revenue.
  • In terms of value, and year-to-year percentage change in value, over the last three years or since the applicant commenced exporting.
  • Total export earnings from major overseas markets.



4.1 Criteria

  • Assess how/if employment figures support export expansion relevant to industry/category.

4.2 Criteria

  • Assess structure of company’s export/international operations and systems to effectively respond to international sales and whether the company is appropriately resourced for export expansion.

4.3 – 4.5 Criteria

  • Soundness of financial strategy for international business. Look for examples of a sound capital base (substantial net profit) and sufficient capital (cash & resources) to support export activity. What are applicant’s international plans for the coming year (e.g. new markets, additional staff, different marketing strategies).



5.1 Criteria

  • Assess evidence of business commitment to international business.

Awards categories

National categories

Winners of the below categories progress to the National Awards.

Advanced Technologies

For outstanding international success in the field of information technology (IT), digital technologies, software, hardware or digital services including solutions utilising cloud-based platforms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, augmented /virtual reality and/or blockchain.

Agribusiness, Food and Beverages

For outstanding international success in the field of agricultural products, services or technology including farm production, manufactured foods and beverages, forestry, fisheries.

Creative Industries

For outstanding international success across all creative industries including music and performing arts, film, television and radio, software & interactive content such as VR and AR, writing, publishing & print media, architecture and design & visual arts, including fashion design.


For outstanding success by an Australian business in selling goods or services to customers overseas via an electronic network. Includes cross-border ecommerce and online sales.

Emerging Exporter

For outstanding export achievement by an enterprise in any industry sector which has been exporting goods or services for three years or less.

International Education and Training

For outstanding international success or learner/student experience in the field of education and training services, expertise and curriculum including vocational training.

International Health

For outstanding international success in medical, healthcare, biotechnology fields for products, technology, equipment or services. This includes E-Health, Digital Health, Medtech, Aged Care services.

Manufacturing and Advanced Materials

For outstanding international success in manufacturing, engineering and/or advanced materials development. This includes production of consumer products.

Minerals, Energy and Related Services

For outstanding international success in the production, processing, value adding of extractive resources or provision of equipment, services or solutions related to the mining, oil and gas and renewables industries.

Professional Services

For outstanding international success in the professional business services including legal, accounting, administration and support services, business management, marketing services, franchising and licensing, engineering, financial and insurance, market research and translation services.

Regional Exporter

For outstanding international success by a business whose head office is based in a non-metropolitan location.

Small Business

For outstanding international success by any business with total annual sales not exceeding $10 million.


For outstanding international success in environmental solutions, clean energy innovation, materials and energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste and water management, green buildings, smart cities and R&D collaboration.

NSW State categories

These are NSW State categories. Winners of these categories win at the NSW State-level only and do not progress to the National Awards.

NSW Development Impact Award

For companies creating an outstanding positive impact on communities in developing countries through the export of goods and/or services or through their operations. Improved development outcomes include (but are not limited to); increased economic growth and prosperity, improved health outcomes, improved conditions for the most vulnerable, improved education, or improved gender equality.

NSW Women in International Business Award

For outstanding achievement in international business by a woman, or group of women, either through developing or leading an international enterprise, or contribution as a senior leader in an enterprise.

Western Sydney Exporter Award

For outstanding export achievement in any Industry sector, by an enterprise located in the Greater Western Sydney area.

NSW Defence Industry Award

For outstanding export achievement in designing, manufacturing and adapting world class products/services to meet military requirements globally. This category is open for all NSW companies exporting in all industry sectors that can demonstrate that they are supplying into defence markets overseas.

2021 Premier’s NSW Export Awards