Yvonne Marfoa Anokwa


A self-motivated woman, creative and an achiever with a cluster of competencies including teamwork, problem-solving and result-oriented capabilities. Yvonne has a Master of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation from University of Twente, ITC with a specialization in Governance and Spatial Information Management. She also has a Diploma with distinction in Environmental Management from Maastricht School of Management. An award from the German government (InWent) helped to obtain Post Graduate Diploma in application of GIS in local agenda 21 processes from the University of Applied Sciences, Berlin. Yvonne also has a Diploma in Systems Administration from GIMPA. At the KNUST School of Mines at Tarkwa, she also completed geological engineering as an undergraduate.

Yvonne has received awards from the Australian government to participate in short courses: Managing Mine Closures from Murdoch University and Northwest University in South Africa; and Local Economic and Social Development in Extractives with focus on artisanal and small-scale mining at University of Queensland. Yvonne has built her career at the Ghana Geological Survey Authority as GIS specialist. She uses GIS, Remote Sensing and GPS technologies, principles and systems to capture, manage, analyse and visualize geographical data from different governmental agencies and geological field surveys. Yvonne has an open mind, likes volunteering and is professionally affiliated with a number of institutions.


Business description

Filiasan Company Limited (FCL) is a multi-discipline business focusing on organic food production, import and export, supplies, sourcing, and marketing. They have partnered with medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), growers, and processing companies to provide standardised produce and products to the local and global market. FCL has developed Ghana spices, roots and tubers, fruit and vegetable farmers, collectors, and processors to be successful on the international market. They believe that success depends on the supply of high-quality products, packages and services that meet and exceed customer expectations of their brand products.

Yvonne Marfoa Anokwa, Ghana