Trade marks: improving export entry and performance

For Australian businesses, exporting is an attractive option for a growing business. Opening up new and potentially larger markets around the world. In a global economy, business value and intellectual property are becoming increasingly connected. But what can we learn from trade mark activity?

IP Australia recently released the 2021 Australian Intellectual Property (IP) Report. The report features their latest research into trade mark activity and how it can be an indicator of export entry and performance.

The research indicates that after a business files a trade mark, the likelihood of them entering a global market increases. It also estimates that if a business moves from 1 registered trade mark to 2 in an export market, it is 25% more likely to export to that country, compared to businesses that did not. For exporters with 6 or more years of continual activity in the market, filing an additional trade mark can generate a 30% increase in export revenue.

Before entering a global market, consider establishing a portfolio of IP rights. This could help protect your business assets and give you a greater chance of success in foreign markets.

Where can I find out more?

You can read more in the 2021 IP Report, or visit IP Australia to learn more about approaching a global market.

If you need help specific to your business or situation, it is recommended you seek advice from an IP professional.