PUMP COVID-19 story: Think positive and adapt fast

PUMP is a haircare company with over 40 Australian made, plant and botanical based, organic hair care products. The products have been sold to customers in over 100 countries around the world and are stocked in over 200 salons.

PUMP Haircare is our fortnightly Featured member. Read on as Natasha Jay, founder of PUMP shares her story on how they’ve been navigating through #COVID19 crisis:

Managing a company through a global crisis has had a fair share of ups and downs. Surprisingly, my business has experienced both negative and positive effects during COVID-19. In the weeks following our nation’s lockdown, our sales increased five-fold. However, while our orders increased, our access to supply and shipping options decreased, which created major complications in our supply chain and logistics.

These changes have been a roller coaster to navigate, requiring me to think positive and adapt fast. The outcome? I created and released five new products, and an entirely new line as our standard products were selling out. I discovered a new supplier who offers zero carbon footprint packaging, which we are transitioning to. I doubled my staff and provided jobs for people who had lost employment.
When in crisis, I believe it is every business owner’s responsibility to assess and strategises on how to build a company that improves and supports our world, and my strategy moving forward is to continue doing that, the best I can, by creating products I believe in.
As all business owners know, there are always things to worry about, but regardless, I feel positive about the future of PUMP and of the e-commerce community. I believe in what I have created, and I believe e-commerce is the future.
Although this crisis creates a lot of uncertainty for business owners, I hope it also inspires creativity in my fellow Australian exporters, as it has for us at PUMP.