The Future of Australia's Trade: A Digital Vision for 2025

Leading industry associations the Export Council of Australia (ECA) and the Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA), alongside KPMG, have today released a paper calling for the Australian Government and industry to come together to plan for a digitally-enabled trading future.

Lisa McAuley, CEO of the ECA said “Singapore, Hong Kong and private supply chains are already putting in place digital platforms. If we do not act now, Australia will miss the first mover advantages and, with it, the opportunity to shape the global system in a way that benefits Australian consumers and businesses.

“Unlike today, where paper is the foundation for international trade processes, we believe that by 2025 Australia’s international trade value chain can be both digital and secure. Data will flow between nations, but privacy will be maintained, and commercially sensitive information will be secure.” Ms McAuley.

Truly digital international trade would increase trade and stimulate the world economy. It would significantly lower costs and trade frictions, simplify existing processes and enable innovation. It would boost certainty—for consumers, importers and exporters. It would guarantee the quality and provenance of the goods, as well as the processes, standards and supply chains behind them.

The Future of Australia’s Trade: A Digital Vision for 2025