ECA Skills has been training and upskilling employees from corporate, industry, and government for more than 60 years. Trainings have been provided to Austrade, Coface, DFAT, DHL, HSBC, Nestle and South Australia Government, just to name a few.  Utilising this knowledge and expertise, ECA Skills offers industry and corporate training to suit your specific outcomes and targets.

Blended learning: Over the past years, the ECA has realised that a blended learning approach tends to be the most effective for participants. For example, face-to-face training sessions can be complimented by online training courses that participants get to complete at their own pace and time. A final webinar may then be held at the end of the training, allowing for revision and a Q&A opportunity. You get to decide on your own blended learning approach through choosing:

  • Your preferred training topics and area of focus
  • Your preferred method of delivery or a combination of the following options
    • Face-to-face sessions
    • Virtual webinars
    • Online training courses

Customised offers: ECA can come alongside your company and consult with you to analyse your needs, time, and budget. Whether it is face-to-face in-depth market training, a workshop focused on export documentation, online training courses on IP protection or a webinar on market entry strategies, ECA Skills can propose and develop a program that suits your outcomes and targets.

Corporate & Industry Training