Leanne Pope

Canberra, Australia

Leanne Pope is the proud founder of ASPOT, an organisation that creates innovative approaches to behavioral change initiatives. Leanne is passionate about Cultural and Educational Services and being an advocate and representative for the First Nations people and community of Australia. Leanne’s ability to create engaging curriculum and mentor participants and team members sets her apart. With a significant track record of delivering enduring change. Leanne is always interested in taking the next step her cultural journey or helping others meet their own dreams. Her passion and unique program developing skills have secured many leading positions in creative education titles or projects. Being a strong creative thinker with a strategic mindset who consistently drives organisational growth through continuous improvement and data analysis, Leanne’s business ASPOT cultivates culturally adept environments and programs, landing change successfully. Leanne favors transforming ideas into results through hard work, research, and thoughtful problem solving. ASPOT is the result of Leanne’s creativity and truly engages stakeholders building consensus for a common vision.


Overview of products/services

ASPOT provides innovative programs, educational products and services to strengthen knowledge of Australia’s First Nations culture through creative art activities and cultural pedagogical practices. ASPOT believes that these traditional beliefs support healthy communities. Their programs and services apply strong foundations from one of the oldest living cultures to secure a future that fosters positive behavioral change. They encourage self-led opportunities for participants and facilitators while providing a flexible resource tool on a digital platform which can also utilise face to face deliveries. The key innovative activities and products are developed from public need and delivered to stakeholders with community demand.

Leanne Pope, Australia