Susan Eardly

CEO & Founder, Serene Vacations Lanka Pvt Limited

Founder of Serene Vacations Lanka Pvt Limited, i have been in the tourism industry for over 15 years. Serene Vacations Sri Lanka is one of the leading & licensed tour operator offering uniquely planned tours & activities for travelers, visiting Sri Lanka & globally.

I hold an International Master’s degree in Business Management from one of the leading Universities in Australia. I’m a multi skilled individual with some of the best command of business practices. I gained my expertise through many multi-tasked working environments and have had exposure to many international Business networks by travelling to many countries on business for over the past 15 years.

I believe that success depends on the ability to think strategically & to believe in the possibilities along with adaptability, persistence and hard work. I believe in pursuing unique & untested paths, regardless of failures and obstacles. While I engage in developing business models, planning, making strategic decisions, and working on multiple business ideas simultaneously, my exceptional interpersonal skills have enabled me to integrate with Business professionals all over the world and develop valuable professional networks. By positively embracing the core values of integrity, innovation, and growth, I believe that SUCCESS is all about taking action for your dreams. Being a resilient leader is the core.

Our services:

  • Planning Holiday Tours for Traveller globally
  • Hotel reservations for leisure and business Travellers
  • Airport Transfers
  • Event management
  • Nature tours for Mental Wellbeing
  • Special packages for Maldives travel

Susan Eardly