Savanthi R Weerakone

CEO / Co-Founder, Shoelace Studio

Savanthi Weerakone, the CEO/Co-Founder of Shoelace Studio, leads a Sri Lankan enterprise specializing in personalized artisanal gifts and home décor. A University of London graduate with a BSc in Mathematics & Economics, she possesses over four years of experience at a prominent Sri Lankan conglomerate, honing extensive skills in the Apparel industry.

While balancing her corporate 9-5 role, Savanthi passionately cultivated Shoelace Studio, transitioning to full-time entrepreneurship in 2019. Initially a one-woman operation, the business now thrives with a skilled team crafting unique gifts created using materials ethically sourced from local suppliers.

In her spare time Savanthi is a freelance consultant/project manager who works with prominent industry leaders to ideate and execute projects. She is also a Co-founder and head of business development overseeing two other ventures in the digital marketing and postpartum care space respectively.

Beyond business, Savanthi champions small businesses and women entrepreneurs, frequently speaking at entrepreneurship and SME events and workshops. She takes pride in empowering the low-income community, particularly young mothers and women, to foster stability.

Savanthi’s driving passion is using her business to make a meaningful global difference, believing that handmade gifts serve as conduits to connect with others and share love.

Savanthi R Weerakone