Mabel Seglah


Mabel Seglah has worked in public service for over fifteen years. However, my desire to do something new and different as well as my love for nature and/or humanity has led to the birth of this AgriBuz Project. I cofounded Zion Farms and Groceries, we intend to extract virgin coconut oil for sale. Our aim is to grow our own coconut plantation and then process it into Coconut oil, Coconut flour and Coconut Chips for both local and international market. Hitherto this vision, we will go into production of maize and other local food crops in a short term. Mabel holds a Masters in Educational Leadership and Management from Flinders University in Adelaide, and is a proud Australia Awards Alumni. She has also obtained a Diploma and Bachelor of Science majoring in Home Science (or Family and Consumer Science) from the University of Ghana. She received a Teachers Cert A and has had 15 years of teaching experience before venturing into social entrepreneurship.


Business description

Zion Farms and Groceries is a start-up agri-business with the aim of producing and adding value to selected food and cash crops, mainly coconut.

Mabel Seglah, Ghana