About our Finalists

The Premier’s NSW Export Awards recognise NSW exporters of all sizes and industries, who are making their mark in the global economy, strongly contributing to the State’s economy and business community, and carrying the New South Wales torch of innovation globally.

Below will lead you to a brief description of each of the 63 amazing finalists who has demonstrated exceptional dedication, creativity, and expertise in their respective fields. We invite you to explore the inspiring journeys and accomplishments of these finalists and join us in recognising their remarkable achievements.

Thank you for being a part of this celebration.

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4tel is an Australian company that specializes in providing telecommunications solutions and services. They offer a range of services related to telecom networks, including design, implementation, and management.

They are a family-owned software engineering company established in 2000. Since then, they have evolved to provide an extensive suite of digital solutions for rail and greater transport.

A.H. Beard

A.H. Beard is a well-known Australian bedding and mattress company. It was founded in 1899 by Alfred Henry Beard, and it has been producing high-quality mattresses for over a century.

The company is recognized for its commitment to using premium materials and advanced technologies in mattress manufacturing. A.H. Beard offers a range of mattresses designed to cater to various preferences and needs, including those focused on comfort, support, and sleep technology.

Aceit Sportswear

Aceit Sportswear is an Australian company specializing in the design and manufacture of custom sportswear and team apparel. They produce a wide range of sports clothing and accessories, including jerseys, shorts, jackets, and other performance-oriented garments.

The company is known for its commitment to high-quality materials and craftsmanship, and they work with various sports teams, clubs, and organizations to create customized uniforms and apparel that meet specific performance and branding requirements.

Aceit Sportswear has gained recognition for its innovative designs, durable products, and customer-centric approach. They serve a diverse range of sports, including but not limited to soccer, basketball, netball, cricket, and cycling.

AES Environmental

AES Environmental is a company that provides environmental and waste management services. They also offer consulting and advisory services to businesses and industries seeking to manage their environmental impact and ensure compliance with environmental laws and standards.

AES Environmental consists of branches and subsidiaries that are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Thailand and the UK. There is also a wide-reaching network of distributors and service agents that can help to deliver and maintain our products within your region.

Ancient Wisdom Business Writers

Ancient Wisdom Business Writers provides exceptional writing for documents, along with professional editing and proofreading services including bid & tender, grant writing, business proposals, business awards submission, etc.

They strive to portray all organizations in the most favorable manner, aiming for a positive impression that leads to successful bids and targeted outcomes. Their customized services are geared towards achieving results and delivering precise instructions or information. Supported by a seasoned team, their expertise encompasses diligent research and adept writing to guarantee that all proposals meet the requirements and covers all pertinent criteria.


Annalise-AI is a leading health tech company that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionise medical imaging. They are on a mission to elevate the standard of healthcare for millions of patients every day.

By using AI technologies in medical imaging, they aim to enhance diagnosis and treatment, revolutionising patient care and the practice of medicine. Their approach places patients at the forefront, guided by healthcare experts, and stems from a profound grasp of the challenges in medical imaging.

AI serves as a diagnostic assistant solution, enabling clinicians to identify issues with assurance, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes for every patient.

Anspec Pty Ltd

Anspec Pty Ltd is a supplier of pharmaceutical, medical, dental and consumable products to medical wholesalers, distributors and healthcare establishments in Australia and International Markets.

With over 30 years of industry experience, ANSPEC is a trusted leader and a recognized industry expert both nationally and internationally as a Pharmaceutical Wholesaler and Distributor.

Drawing on deep knowledge in healthcare, pharmacy, pharmaceutical production, aged care, and disability services, Anspec is committed to promoting patient health and well-being, achieving favorable health results, and providing economical solutions.


Audinate is an Australian technology company that specializes in audio networking solutions. It is best known for developing Dante, a digital audio over Ethernet protocol that enables the transmission of high-quality, uncompressed, multi-channel audio signals over standard computer networks.

Dante has become widely adopted in various professional audio industries, including live sound, broadcast, recording studios, conferencing systems, and more. It allows for flexible and scalable audio setups, making it a popular choice for installations where high-quality audio distribution is essential.

Better Breathing Sport

Better Breathing Sport was developed to provide a new level of comfort in the most intense moments of sporting performances. Their products help improve the lungs’ clearance and hygiene and optimise lung capacity through an improved oxygen delivery system.

Better Breathing Sports started in 2021 with passionate sporting founders wanting to make a change in the Sports world through improved breathing. They shared the vision to offer people new opportunities and a better quality of life worldwide.

Blue Mountains Coaching

Blue Mountains Coaching is led by Cindy Hurley Leister who has some impressive global experience working on different continents and a beautiful perspective on life. She offers coaching and consulting in Life & Leadership Coaching, Brave Transitions, Body & Mind work, Women in Leadership and HR Business Partnering.


BONDI WASH is an Australian company that specializes in creating natural, botanical-based products for the home, body, and baby. They use Australian botanicals to produce a range of products like hand washes, body washes, lotions, and cleaning products. The company prides itself on using plant-based ingredients sourced from sustainable and renewable resources. Their products are designed to be gentle on the skin and environmentally friendly.

BONDI WASH’s product range includes a variety of items such as hand wash, body wash, laundry products, home cleaning solutions, and pet care items. Their products are designed to be effective, environmentally friendly, and gentle on the skin.

Causmag International

For over 60 years, Causmag International, a subsidiary of Orind Australia Pty. Ltd., has been engaged in the extraction and production of top-quality magnesium oxide products. These are utilized in agriculture, animal health, industrial, and pharmaceutical applications.

Causmag’s magnesium oxides originate from exceptionally pure natural magnesites sourced from our mining operations in Thuddungra, near Young, NSW Australia. These magnesites possess a cryptocrystalline structure with minute crystallite dimensions, resulting in elevated density and exceptional purity

They currently export their products to USA, Europe, Asia, New Zealand and South Africa at competitive prices.

Cellife Health Care

Cellife Health Care is a nutrition supplement company, established in year 2002, based in Sydney Australia. They are the leader in the development of nutritional genomics products such as NAD+, NMN and NADH products.

It delves into the molecular intricacies of how prevalent dietary chemicals impact health, precisely integrating gene expression with the unique structure of individual genomes.

They are committed to apply the latest technologies into its actual formulations for the best efficiency of the products in absorption and potency. Their products are Australian made, in facilities with cGMP Certification.

Chadwick Downs Cattle Company

Chadwick Downs Cattle Co. prides itself on breeding some of the toughest bulls bred from generations of females with cast-iron constitutions and based on a grass-fed, real-world production system. Grazing on native mountain pastures, their Brafords breed is selected for debility, stayability and fertility.

They are passionate about our Australian Brafords and Brangus Cattle., bulls & genetics that are export ready.

Commex International

Commex International, an Australian private enterprise, is excellently poised to provide top-tier services to global commodity producers and clients. What distinguishes them from their peers is their extensive expertise, forward-thinking approach, robust infrastructure, and unwavering commitment to integrity.

They take great pride in being the conduit for the import and export of pulses, grains, oilseeds, fertilizers, and spices, meeting the demands of our partners while ensuring shared prosperity.

The management team at Commex International boasts decades of experience in trading and successful business ventures spanning Australia, the Middle East, North America, Europe, and China. Their broad global exposure and multicultural perspective give us an outstanding reach within a vast network of clientele.

Cottee Group Pty Limited

Cottee Group Pty Limited is an Australian-based company with products to be used extensively in food health, nutraceutical, technical protein, industrial and retail markets.

Australia’s stunning natural landscapes provide an ideal setting for agricultural endeavors. From arid deserts to lush rainforests, their diverse and fertile lands cover nearly every imaginable climatic zone. As a result, there are very few agricultural products that are not cultivated domestically, and all meet the highest quality standards. Additionally, their produce is globally acknowledged for its exceptional cleanliness and safety, thanks to Australia’s natural isolation and stringent biosecurity and quarantine regulations.

doq Pty Ltd

Doq is a compact, globally dispersed team making significant waves. Founded in Chicago, honed in Sydney, and now also rooted in Tokyo, their diverse group draws on a rich mix of cultures and values, offering a unique, outsider’s perspective on Japan. Their offerings include Strategic Brand Marketing Consultation and Development, Crafting and Implementing Cross-Cultural Marketing Plans, Handling both Online and Offline Media Planning and Procurement, Fostering Connections between Japan and the Global Sectors of Tourism, Art & Culture, Education, Businesses, and Products, etc.

Down Under Enterprises

Down Under Enterprises is an Australian company that specializes in the production and supply of essential oils and natural ingredients sourced from native Australian botanicals. These botanicals are known for their unique and often potent properties, and Down Under Enterprises works to harness their benefits for various industries, including aromatherapy, cosmetics, and personal care.

The company is dedicated to sustainable and ethical practices in the sourcing and production of their products, and they have a strong focus on promoting the rich biodiversity of Australian flora. Down Under Enterprises is recognized for its commitment to quality and its contribution to the global essential oils market.

DSI Underground Australia Pty Limited

DSI Underground Australia Pty Limited is an Australian company that specializes in providing ground support solutions for the mining and tunneling industries. They offer a wide range of products and services related to ground reinforcement and stabilization, including bolts, mesh, resin, and other technologies designed to ensure the safety and stability of underground structures.

DSI helps reinforce progress cost-effectively, safely, reliably, efficiently and confidently.

EZZ Life Science

EZZ Life Science Holdings Limited (ASX:EZZ) is  a genomic life science company with a mission to improve quality of life and human health.

They are passionate about investing in the future of consumer health through e-commerce and distribution of quality products via omnichannel models across Australia, New Zealand, China and worldwide.

EZZ has a focus on genomic research and development to address four key human health challenges: genetic longevity, human papillomavirus (HPV), helicobacter pylori, and weight management.

Ferngrove Pharmaceuticals Australia

Ferngrove Pharmaceuticals Australia (FPA) is an Australian-based TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) licensed contract manufacturing business, a company attachment to the FPA GROUP, specializing in complementary medicines and health food products, gummy and dairy products, cosmetics, hand sanitiser, pet supplement products. They manufacture for Australia’s leading brands.

FPA has licenses and certificates in TGA, GMP, HALAL, Food authority, HACCP, etc.

Flovac Vacuum Sewerage Systems Pty Ltd

Flovac Vacuum Sewerage Systems Pty Ltd is an Australian company that specializes in the design, manufacture, and installation of vacuum sewerage systems. These systems utilize vacuum technology to transport wastewater from homes and businesses to a central collection point, often without the need for traditional gravity-based sewer lines.

Vacuum sewerage systems are particularly useful in areas with challenging terrain, high water tables, or where a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution is desired. Flovac is known for its expertise in this niche area of wastewater management.

Global Study Partners

Global Study Partners is an education consultancy and recruitment agency that assists international students in finding suitable educational opportunities abroad. They provide services such as helping students choose the right course and institution, assisting with visa applications, and offering guidance throughout the entire process of studying abroad.

Global Study Partners may work with a network of educational institutions worldwide and have a team of experts who are knowledgeable about various study destinations and the requirements for international students.


GOTOP HEALTHCARE is known for producing Australian made infant formula and nutrition dairy formula. They also have products for pregnant mothers, aged care, diabetic formula, Lactoferrin formula, lady care, kids growth and calcium, etc.


HIVERY is an artificial intelligence (AI) company that focuses on optimizing retail operations through advanced analytics and machine learning. They provide solutions that help retailers make data-driven decisions to enhance product assortment, pricing, and promotions.

The company’s platform leverages AI algorithms to analyze customer behavior, sales data, and other relevant factors to provide recommendations that can lead to improved sales and profitability. HIVERY’s technology aims to assist retailers in achieving better outcomes in areas such as inventory management, space optimization, and customer satisfaction.

Homart Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd

Homart Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd is an Australian-based company specializing in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of high-quality health supplements, skincare, and dairy products. The company is known for producing a wide range of products that promote health and wellness.

Homart Pharmaceuticals places an emphasis on research and development, aiming to create innovative and effective products. They distribute their products both domestically within Australia and internationally to various countries around the world.


Humanitix is a social enterprise and online ticketing platform that redirects its profits towards supporting charitable causes. The company’s mission is to use technology to create positive social impact.

Humanitix provides event organizers with a platform to sell tickets for various types of events, such as conferences, workshops, fundraisers, and more. A percentage of the booking fee charged by Humanitix goes towards funding education programs for disadvantaged children. This approach allows event organizers and attendees to contribute to social causes through their participation in events.

IP Solved (ANZ) Pty Ltd

IP Solved is an independent, privately-owned firm with a strong focus on intellectual property, headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Their expertise spans various domains of IP and commercial law, including the filing and prosecution of IP rights, commercial law, and IP enforcement. Their central mission revolves around the inception, safeguarding, commercialization, enforcement, and administration of intellectual property rights.

With a legacy stretching back over four decades, they maintain enduring connections within the global IP community. What sets them apart is their ‘Know Your Client (KYC)’ approach, ensuring they possess an in-depth understanding of your business, its objectives, and how you presently safeguard, capitalize on, and manage your IP assets and rights.


ipSCAPE is an Australian-based company that specializes in cloud-based contact center solutions. They provide a range of tools and technologies to facilitate customer interactions through various communication channels, including voice, email, chat, and social media.

The ipSCAPE platform is designed to help businesses effectively manage customer service operations, sales, and support functions. It offers features such as call routing, workforce management, reporting and analytics, and integration with CRM systems.

Jatcorp Limited

Jatcorp Ltd (JAT) former Jatenergy Limited, is a rapidly growing Australian manufacturer of innovative and unique dairy- and plant-based health products and supplements. JAT is also an experienced Australia-Asia FMCG trade specialist. Current export markets include China, Hong Kong, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan and New Zealand.

JAT is dedicated to creating specialized milk powder formulations tailored for various age groups, from infants to seniors, using cow, goat, and camel milk. A number of our formulations incorporate Lactoferrin, known for its potent immune-boosting and gut health-enhancing properties, along with an array of other healthful components. These include pre- and probiotics, essential vitamins, and various ingredients that contribute to overall well-being.

Language Confidence

Through API access, Language Confidence provides a cutting-edge AI-driven Speech Assessment Toolkit. This tool simplifies the instruction and assessment of spoken English for students, allowing them to enhance their speaking skills and boost their confidence at their own pace, regardless of where they are located.

Their AI-driven APIs offer comprehensive evaluations of pronunciation, fluency, grammar, and vocabulary, while also estimating IELTS, PTE, CEFR scores. It can identify mistakes with exceptional precision, even at the granular level, comparable to a live instructor. This grants students immediate, real-time feedback and unrestricted opportunities to practice their spoken English.

Lánluas Consulting

Lánluas Consulting stands at the forefront of global enterprise application consulting services. They transform clients’ business objectives into adaptable, forward-looking solutions that generate value, enhance productivity, expedite delivery, and cut costs, ultimately unlocking the full capabilities of the enterprise system.

Drawing on their extensive expertise in enterprise systems, they optimize returns and foster the creation of inventive solutions that fuel swift transformation. Their offerings not only trim implementation expenses but also extract amplified value from investments, mitigate risks, and serve as the foundation for growth.

Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin

Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin is a company that specializes in producing high-quality rosin for stringed instruments, such as violins, violas, cellos, and double basses.

The Leatherwood Rosin team holds a deep appreciation for the intricacies of the string-playing realm, from the intricate grain patterns of wood to the craftsmanship of varnishes. They highly regard the connections forged between musicians and their skilled violin and bow artisans, recognizing the significance of the construction and upkeep process. They place equal emphasis on the reverence for exquisitely beautiful natural materials, understanding their importance alongside the dedication invested in practice and performance.

Little Ripples  

Little Ripples is a socially responsible wine brand where for every bottle sold, they provide one year of clean water to one person in a developing community.  

To date they have provided the equivalent of 358 thousand people with one year of clean water. Their goal is to provide 5 million people with safe drinking water within the next ten years.
Their wine comes from some of the best regions across Australia such as Barossa, Coonawarra and Adelaide Hills. 

Lubrication Engineering Pty Ltd

Lubrication Engineering Pty Ltd is an Australian-based company that specializes in providing lubrication solutions and services to various industries. They focus on delivering high-quality lubricants, equipment, and technical expertise to help clients optimize their machinery and equipment performance.

Lubrication Engineering offers a range of products and services related to lubrication, including specialized lubricants, automated lubrication systems, and consulting services to ensure proper lubrication practices.


Managility is a software company that specializes in providing business intelligence and planning solutions. They focus on developing software tools and platforms that help organizations with financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, and performance management.

Managility’s products and services are designed to assist businesses in making informed decisions based on data-driven insights. They may offer solutions that integrate with popular business intelligence platforms and provide customizable reporting and analytics capabilities.


MASSO is dedicated to producing CNC controllers of the utmost quality and dependability, catering to a wide spectrum of users ranging from OEMs and major industrial manufacturers to passionate DIY enthusiasts. Their innovation in introducing the ‘PC-less CNC controller’ stemmed from recognizing the demand for a robust, all-in-one controller – one that possesses the strength to meet the requirements of OEMs and industrial users, without the complications often associated with PC-based systems.

MASSO offers products like the MASSO G3 and MASSO Touch. These are control systems designed for CNC machines. Both models have the same software features and user interface. MASSO Touch was developed to have an integrated design and to solve issues with 3rd party touch screen not working. Both models receive software updates at the same time with the same features added. MASSO also provides software for Mill, Plasma, and Lathe machines, which can be loaded onto any MASSO unit.

MC Linked Australia 

MC Linked Australia is committed to delivering unparalleled excellence, offering a wide range of high-quality goods sourced exclusively from Australia. MC Linked fosters strong collaborations with esteemed partners, enabling them to deliver premium-quality items to the discerning markets of the Middle East and North Africa.

They are the exclusive seller to the Middle East for AusPhex and Austra Made Supplements. 

McGregor Coxall Australia Pty Ltd. 

McGregor Coxall Australia Pty Ltd is a well-known international landscape architecture and urban design firm. They specialize in creating sustainable and innovative solutions for urban spaces, landscapes, and environments. McGregor Coxall is recognized for their expertise in designing public spaces, parks, waterfronts, and urban developments. 

The firm places a strong emphasis on environmentally sensitive design and often incorporates sustainable practices into their projects. They have received numerous awards and accolades for their contributions to landscape architecture and urban design. 


MINUS ART is an online platform where you can find handpicked fine art prints by talented emerging artists around the world.  

In late 2015, they embarked on our journey with MINUS37. Since then, they’ve been showcasing numerous outstanding contemporary visual artists to diverse audiences. They have lab partners in the US, UK, Europe, and Australia. 

The word “MINUS” has a negative connotation yet the way we use it is very inclusive of different genders, ages, cultural backgrounds. We are open to original, meaningful, and positive artworks and artists from all around the globe. 

My Fit Pro 

My Fit Pro is a widely recognised live streaming platform for fitness professionals. The platform has lots of amazing features including privacy and security, recordings, and compatibility to multiple devices.  

My Fit Pro strives to simplify live fitness streaming for both instructors and clients, regardless of their geographic location. It is an ideal platform for a wide range of instructor-led fitness classes, including HIIT, yoga, Pilates, dance fitness, and various other styles of workouts. 

Nontre Pty Ltd 

Nontre Pty Ltd offers a collection of luxury earth-wise home care products. Their mission is to strive for ingredient integrity and earth friendly solutions to create collections of products to entice you to make more conscious decisions to how you lead your lives.   

Inspired by nature and created with purpose, harnessing the power of Australian botanical natives and science, to curate Home Care and Cleaning rituals, Personal Care and Lifestyle products that enhance your everyday life.  

Omni Tanker 

Omni Tanker is an Australian-based company specializing in the design and manufacturing of specialized tank containers for the transport of dangerous goods and hazardous chemicals. The company is known for its innovative approach to tank container technology. 

Omni Tanker’s containers are designed to enhance safety and efficiency in the transportation of chemicals and other potentially hazardous materials. Their tanks incorporate advanced materials and engineering techniques to provide a higher level of safety and performance compared to traditional tank containers. 


PATAZA Pty Ltd, an officially registered Australian company, is backed by a wealth of experience, totaling over 50 years, within the FMCG industry. They are Australia’s leading food exporter delivering food and wine sourcing, consolidating and exporting Australian food, wine & confectionery to the world.

PATAZA’s extensive background includes roles both in Australia and internationally, with esteemed companies like Unilever.  Moreover, the team has successfully managed enterprises in Australia, providing services to prominent retailers such as Coles, Woolworths, 7 Eleven, Metcash, BP, and Shell, among others.

This breadth of experience grants them a genuine insight into the operations and expectations of major retailers. Simultaneously, they have a proven track record of collaborating with smaller importers and wholesalers. This underscores their unwavering commitment to prioritize customers, regardless of the size or scale of their business.

Pharmako Biotechnologies Pty Ltd 

Pharmako Biotechnologies Pty Ltd is an Australian-based company specializing in the development and production of advanced nutraceutical ingredients and delivery systems. They focus on creating innovative formulations that enhance the bioavailability and efficacy of various bioactive compounds. 

Pharmako Biotechnologies is known for its expertise in lipid-based technologies, which play a crucial role in improving the absorption and utilization of nutrients and bioactives. These technologies are utilized in a range of products, including supplements, functional foods, and beverages. 

Random Harvest 

Random Harvest is an Australian company known for producing a range of gourmet food products. They offer various condiments, sauces, chutneys, marinades, and other culinary items. Random Harvest is recognized for using high-quality ingredients and creating unique flavor combinations. They also had a reputation for producing premium gourmet goods.   

They are Australia’s leading gourmet food company with experience in creating Australia’s finest food products since 1981. 

RBK Nutraceuticals 

RBK Nutraceuticals Pty Ltd is a TGA & GMP licensed natural health supplement manufacturer that has over 20 years’ experience in exporting and marketing premium quality health supplements to the world.   

RBK Nutraceuticals is committed to ongoing and extensive research & development to provide products of the highest quality. It is this commitment that enables RBK to release new and innovative products to meet market demands and trends. 


ResMed Pty Ltd is a well-known global company specializing in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of medical equipment related to sleep apnea, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and other respiratory conditions. They provide a range of products including continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices, masks, and accessories. 

ResMed’s products are designed to improve the quality of life for individuals with sleep disorders and respiratory conditions by providing effective and comfortable solutions for treatment. They are recognized for their innovation in the field of sleep and respiratory care. 

SafetyLink Pty Ltd 

SafetyLink Pty Ltd is an Australian-based company specializing in the design and manufacturing of height safety equipment. The company focuses on providing innovative solutions to protect workers who are operating at heights in various industries, including construction, mining, and maintenance. 

SafetyLink’s products include anchor points, static lines, and other fall protection systems. These are designed to meet stringent safety standards and help prevent falls and accidents in high-risk work environments. 


SapphireOne is an Australian-based company that specializes in providing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions. Their software is designed to assist businesses with various aspects of operations, including financial management, inventory management, payroll, human resources, and more. 

SapphireOne’s ERP system is known for its comprehensive functionality, scalability, and flexibility, making it suitable for a wide range of industries and business sizes. The software is designed to streamline business processes and improve overall efficiency. 

Sasy n Savy Pty Ltd 

Sasy n Savy Pty Ltd is an Australian-based company that specializes in natural skincare, beauty, and wellness products. The company is known for using Australian native botanicals and natural ingredients in their products. 

The products are enriched with Native Australian plants extract, herb extracts and flower extracts such as the Kakadu Plum, Wild Rosella and Grass lilly and are enriched with Vitamins, Antioxidants and Nutrients that are vital for skin cell growth.  


Shipeezi is a freight and logistics company, with a data-driven, highly integrated and fully customisable solution for the supply chain and moving industry. 

With over 20 years of experience in distribution, shipping, logistics, and moving, the company has worked hard to solve supply chain issues that impede the effectiveness of global operations. 

Simple Simon Pie Machines 

Simple Simon Pie Machines is a company known for manufacturing and supplying pie-making equipment. They provide machines designed to streamline the process of producing pies, allowing businesses in the food industry to efficiently create large quantities of pies with consistent quality. These machines are used by bakeries, restaurants, and other food service establishments to automate pie production. 

Solar D Skincare 

Solar D Skincare is a brand known for its sun care products. They specialize in producing sunscreen that is designed to allow some of the beneficial rays responsible for vitamin D production to penetrate the skin, while still providing protection from harmful UVB and UVA rays. 

They are transforming SPF skincare through pioneering innovations, ranging from their innovative Vitamin D SPF Technology to their contemporary and flexible partnership approaches, all the way to their advanced and forward-thinking product development. 

Star Combo Pharma Ltd

Star Combo is an Australian-based health and wellness company that specializes in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of a wide range of vitamins, supplements, and natural health products. They provide a variety of products aimed at promoting overall health and well-being.

Star Combo is known for its commitment to quality and safety in the production of its supplements. They often utilize natural ingredients and adhere to strict quality control standards. The company’s products are distributed both within Australia and internationally.


SunBio is a biotechnology company that focuses on developing and commercializing innovative solutions in the field of biopharmaceuticals and healthcare. They are involved in areas such as drug discovery, biotherapeutics, diagnostics, or other biotechnology-related applications. 

SunRice Group 

SunRice Group, also known as SunRice, is an Australian-based food company specializing in rice and rice-based products. It is one of the largest rice food companies in the world and is a significant player in the global rice industry. 

SunRice was founded in 1950 and has a strong international presence and exports its products to over 60 countries around the world. SunRice has been actively involved in sustainability initiatives including responsible water use, biodiversity conservation, and support for local farming communities. 

TDC Global 

TDC Global is an organization that focuses on empowering women in the workplace and advancing gender equality. It was founded by Sarah Liu in 2012 and has since grown into a global community with a presence in multiple countries. 

Starting as a personal endeavor, it swiftly transformed into Australia’s foremost community of accomplished, young women. TDC Global has played a pivotal role in enabling and preparing numerous professionals for leadership positions through specialized training and mentorship programs. 

The Global Assistant  

The Global Assistant is a digital learning platform designed to enhance administrative skills within multinational corporations, fostering adaptable support professionals across various industries. 

They empower executive support professionals around the world with quality, affordable e-learning opportunities.  

The V’Good Company Pty Ltd   

VGood is a family focused food brand operating in Australia. Established in 2020, the company, led by its founder Sally Breden, introduced its initial range of self-produced spreads and snacks. Sally’s vision was to streamline the availability of healthier choices, catering to diverse dietary preferences and requirements. VGood places paramount importance on delivering exceptional taste and an enjoyable dining experience, all while ensuring affordability remains a key aspect. 

Twisted Healthy Treats 

Twisted Healthy Treats is a brand that specializes in creating healthier versions of traditional frozen desserts and snacks. They offer a range of products designed to provide a more nutritious option for those seeking a treat without compromising on taste. 

The brand is dedicated to providing healthier alternatives to traditional treats. This may involve using ingredients with lower sugar content, natural sweeteners, and avoiding artificial additives or preservatives. 


Established in 2013, Unisense Media Pty Ltd has emerged as a prominent B2B e-commerce distributor within the nutritional products sector in Australia.  

Focusing on a range of products including Vitamins and Dietary Supplements, Health & Wellness, Beauty & Skincare, and Maternal & Infant care, the company exclusively sources from major pharmaceutical factories in Australia and New Zealand. Unisense offers comprehensive services to thrive in the vast markets of Australia and China. 

UOW Global Enterprises 

UOW Global Enterprises (UOWGE) is a subsidiary group of the University of Wollongong and is aligned to the University’s strategic objectives of international student growth. 

Established in 1988, UOWGE leads in providing top-notch international higher and vocational education. Their institutions offer a diverse range of over 100 programs, encompassing higher education, vocational training, English language courses, and professional development programs. 

Premier’s NSW Export Awards – About our Finalists