Foresighting- Navigating Future Scenarios Masterclass

Objective: Equip participants with the skills and knowledge to effectively scan the horizon for emerging changes, analyse mega trends, and develop multiple scenarios for informed decision-making in a rapidly evolving landscape.


Introduction to Foresighting

  • Understanding Foresighting and Its Importance
  • The Role of Foresighting in Strategic Planning


Scanning the Horizon: Identifying Emerging Changes

  • Techniques for Environmental Scanning
  • Identifying Weak Signals and Early Indicators
  • Case Studies of Successful Foresighting
  • Q&A Session


Analysing Mega Trends

  • Defining Mega Trends and Their Impact
  • Tools and Frameworks, such as ‘cross-impact analysis’ and ‘backcasting’
  • Group Exercise: Mega Trend Identification
  • Q&A Session


Developing Multiple Scenarios:

  • Introduction to Scenario Planning
  • Steps in Scenario Development
  • Creating Plausible and Impactful Scenarios
  • Q&A Session


Interactive Workshop: Applying Foresighting Techniques

  • Hands-on Foresighting Exercise
  • Group Work: Developing Scenarios
  • Feedback and Discussion
  • Q&A Session


Practical Implementation and Decision-Making

  • Integrating Foresighting into Strategic Decision-Making
  • Case Studies of Organisations Using Foresighting Effectively
  • Actionable Steps for Participants
  • Q&A and Closing Remarks



  • This workshop is designed for strategic planners, business and government leaders, and decision-makers keen on staying ahead of industry changes.
  • Participants are encouraged to bring real-world challenges or industry trends for discussion during the workshop.
  • The interactive nature of the workshop aims to provide practical insights and facilitate networking opportunities among participants.

Strategic Orchestration Masterclass 

Objective: Equip professionals with essential skills in influencing stakeholders to advance shared objectives, through effective use of techniques such as psychology of influence, systems thinking, forward planning, and risk management.


Introduction to Strategic Orchestration

  • Defining the concept and understanding its significance
  • The need for developing a story, including ‘casting’ and ‘scripting’


Psychology of Influence

  • Analysing human behaviour and decision-making
  • Tactics and strategies for effective influence
  • Ethical considerations and short case studies


Systems Thinking

  • Grasping basics and application in stakeholder management
  • Identifying interconnected components for strategic success


Forward Planning

  • Emphasising the importance of forward planning
  • Setting clear objectives and milestones
  • Introduction to scenario planning


Risk Management

  • Understanding risks in stakeholder engagement
  • Identifying and assessing risks
  • Quick strategies for mitigation


Communication Strategies

  • Effective communication, including pitching and storytelling
  • Tailoring messages for different stakeholder groups
  • Building trust and credibility


Closing Session, Application, and Case Studies

  • Applying learning to real-world scenarios
  • Analysing case studies of successful strategic orchestration
  • Q&A and closing remarks



  • This is workshop intended to enhance the individual’s skills to plan and execute a defined objective by understanding who their stakeholders are, and how to influence them to act in support of that objective.
  • Participants are encouraged to bring real-world challenges to discuss during the workshop.
  • The interactive nature of the workshop aims to provide practical insights and facilitate networking.

Details on Masterclasses

Individual booking
$1,800 per person (+GST)

Group booking of 6 plus individuals
$1,500 per person (+GST) to be paid in whole as a group

Max. 15 participants per Masterclass

To be confirmed

Full day (from 9.00am – 5.00pm)

To be confirmed

If you have any immediate questions, please reach out to Stefanie from the ECA Skills team via

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