Trade Policy Recommendations 1: 2013/2014

Publication overview: International competitiveness begins at home

The Export Council of Australia push for trade policy that will create new jobs, foster innovation and ensure long term prosperity for Australia.

The Export Council of Australia has compiled their Trade Policy Recommendations for Government for 2013/14. These recommendations highlight the importance of trade to the Australian economy and the dire need for Government to address the impediments to trade which are hindering Australian business’ ability to compete internationally.

The purpose of the statement is to demonstrate that trade is a key driver of jobs, innovation and long term prosperity for Australia and, therefore, trade considerations need to be central in determining Australia’s domestic economic policy settings. The document demonstrates the need for the Government to review its Trade Policy direction in order to reduce the potential for market failure. The following five key issues form the core of this paper:

  • Competitiveness: The need for Australia to reduce inefficiencies and red and green tape to help businesses compete in a rapidly evolving global market place. Being competitive is a must, not an option.
  • Infrastructure: The need to address Australia’s ageing infrastructure. It’s time for an innovative approach.
  • Trade Promotion: The need for significantly greater investment in trade promotion. The more we put in, the more we get out.
  • Bipartisan Collaboration: The need for both sides of politics and government agencies to focus on long term sustainable strategies, as well as encouraging greater collaboration between government and industry. Team Australia is the only way!
  • International Engagement: Maintaining Australia’s support for the WTO, strengthening existing bi-lateral trade agreements and concluding bi-lateral arrangements currently under negotiation. If New Zealand can do it why can’t we?

Trade Policy Recommendations 1: 2013/2014