Vanessa Hayes

New Zealand

Vanessa Hayes was endowed by her tupuna (respected elder) great grand-uncle Wiremu Kerekere; as kaitiaki (caretaker) for this special location, now growing macadamias. The location has historical significance with taonga (ancient tools) discovered on-site under the largest pohutukawa on main-land NZ.

Vanessa is a macadamia grower and the industry developer for macadamia in New Zealand. Her business, Torere Macadamias, grow macadamias on inherited indigenous land which is propelling New Zealand’s macadamia industry is an amazing story in itself. With respect for land, the macadamias are organically grown and sown and are highly nutritious.

Vanessa is also in discussion with a representative from the Indian Agricultural Company who wish to purchase her macadamia plants and grower training services. The representative is specifically interested in partnering with Vanessa due to her support services support for indigenous Māori growers. The Indian Agricultural Company is supported by the Indian government and looks to work with NZ as part of the Free Trade Agreement.

Vanessa Hayes, New Zealand