Cecilia Burns-Araki

Rapa Nui, Chile

In 2018, Kuma Pora commenced producing and selling 100% Rapa Nui organic sweet potato chips.  The business was formed to meet the demand from visitors to Rapa Nui or Easter Island for locally produced snacks.  As a family of farmers, Cecilia had the proper skill set and background to start Kuma Pora, including growing and harvesting crops such as sweet potatoes and pineapples.  In just the first two months of its operation, Kuma Pora sold 5,000 units.

The journey for Kuma Pora, however, hasn’t all been smooth sailing.  As Rapa Nui is located in one of the most isolated parts of the world, its domestic market size is limited, and inputs can be very expensive.  According to Cecilia, Kuma Pora needs to find ways to make its products competitive in international markets.  Among other things, this will require meeting international standards and certifications, overcoming logistics hurdles, and employing new technologies to increase quality production.

Kuma Pora believes there is an opportunity for exports, but will have to focus on markets closer to home and with similar language and culture.  It is seeking to establish alliances, but finding the right partners is proving challenging.  Nevertheless, Cecilia is confident that in the next 2-3 years, she will see further growth in sales and involve her local community more in the business.


Overview of products/services

Kuma Pora is a family owned and operated business. They produce agriculture on Rapa Nui and with the harvest create Sweet Potato Chips.

Cecilia Burns-Araki, Chile