Shabnam Farook

Co-Founder/ Director, Nue Body Basics

Nue Body Basics was a journey of discovery for me, a former journalist who found her love for making all-natural skincare by accident. Tired of switching skincare products continuously, I started reading about skincare products and the ingredients used and realized all is not what it seems. Convinced that I can make my own body butter, I started experimenting and have never stopped since then. I am now a graduate of Formula Botanica, Organic Cosmetic Science School, having completed my Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation in March 2023 and the Co-founder and Director of Nue Body Basics.

My husband and I launched Nue Body Basics as a brand in October 2019, with four products. We make the products in small batches, with natural preservatives encouraging the concept of fresh, safe skincare. I have a hands-on approach in every aspect of the business from manufacturing, creating labels, to packaging and marketing.


Nue Body Basics was born out of the need to create safe, natural skincare. The brand focuses on creating an alternative to commercial skincare products available in the market, catering to a segment who are conscious about what they put on their skin and how it affects their overall health. Our minimalist artisan range includes all-natural deodorants, body butters, soaps, scrubs + soaks, and salves.

We source a mix of local and international ingredients to create our products, ensuring that we get the ingredients from trusted suppliers locally and globally. Our packaging is practical, and we believe the customer should pay for the product and not packaging. We don’t hide behind synthetic fragrances or colors, once again staying true to our brand and its philosophy of being true and non-pretentious.

Shabnam Farook