Hsieh Jing Ying (Jessica)

Chinese Taipei

Jessica is a member of one of the over 14 indigenous tribes in Chinese Taipei. She is a wedding planner and event manager focusing on her indigenous tradition. She offers cultural and traditional beverage, food, vegetable, soap, or jewellery. Her clients include both local and expatriates. She is the founder of Maleva Weddings & Celebrations. “Maleva” in her indigenous language means joyful or happy.

Being a wedding planner and event manager is not just a job for Jessica, but a passion. Her early years as wedding planner and event manager begun in Taipei, Taiwan as an events manager. After a wonder experience she decided to spread her wings and move to Taitung east side of Taiwan, to explore a different culture and tradition of marriage.

Hsieh Jing Ying (Jessica), Chinese Taipei