Preeah Ramkissoon


Preeah Ramkissoon is the Founder/ Director of Imiloa Collective, a social creative entreprise that builds and enriches the skillsets of creatives. Since 2012, Preeah has encouraged diversity and the experimentation of arts to help showcase and support creatives as entrepreneurs and innovators.

Prior to embarking on her creative venture at Imiloa Collective, Preeah worked in media, journalism and PR (Public Relations) for over 10 years across the UK and Asia. Her career spanned across several business and lifestyle print media titles as an Editor, Assistant Editor and a PR Officer, consulting global brands on national and international campaigns.

Preeah opened the first concept store in Mauritius in 2016, creating a platform for local entrepreneurs, artisans, creatives and designers to showcase, market and sell their creations. She has since evolved in providing entrepreneurial and creative training to individuals and institutions that are developing new and dynamic definitions of traditional craft, sustainability and community impact – both locally and internationally.


Business description

Imiloa Collective is a social creative enterprise that functions as a platform to build and enrich the skillsets of creatives. It provides a workspace to support innovation.

Preeah Ramkissoon, Mauritius