Mabel Suglo


Mabel Suglo is an international award winning social entrepreneur and ardent result oriented development professional with a passion for connecting communities with resources to affect change and create opportunities for the physically challenged and rural women from deprived communities in Ghana.

Mabel holds a Bachelor of Education in Health from the University for Development Studies as a trained Educationist.

Mabel believes that everyone deserves equal opportunities in life to prove themselves worthwhile and therefore founded Dignified Wear Company Limited a social enterprise based in Sunyani to train and employ persons with disabilities and rural women to handcraft durable and versatile shoes, handbags, locally woven fabric clothing and traditional jewelry from recycled materials.

Mabel have been featured on both local and international media such as BBC Women of Africa documentary, CCTV, How we made it in Africa, Huffington Post, and CNN amongst others. She has an extensive network as Alumni of the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme, Anzisha Prize Fellow, Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum amongst others.

Mabel spends her free time mentoring girls through school. Working on inspiring their entrepreneurial skills and the development of their community leadership skills.


Business description

Dignified Wear is a social enterprise in Sunyani-Ghana that trains and employs persons with disabilities and rural women to handcraft durable, versatile and fashionable shoes, handbags, locally woven fabrics clothing and traditional jewelleries from recycled tires, scrap fabrics, cotton threads, recycled glass and plastic bottle beads.

Mabel Suglo, Ghana