Evelyn Chima


Evelyn Chima is the co-partner in the Chaje Investment Limited Company. She holds the position of Chairperson of the company. She is responsible for setting the course of the company through implementation of the company’s strategy. Currently the company is producing seed for three companies, bananas, mangoes, ginger, garlic, chicken, honey and cattle for random markets. The growth of her company and that of her partners will benefit from the 1000ha of land that they have subleased for 10 years.

As a company, they believe in “Grow with Us” they value their customers and partners and therefore support strong relationships and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, they produce and implement a viable win-win business plan and strategy.

Outside the business, she also works in the civil service as Director of Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources. She promotes agricultural, environmental and natural resources activities in order to have a sustained utilization of the environment and natural resources. Her motivation to venture into an agro-based business is derived from this experience and the growing global demand for agricultural products especially food. In addition, agro based industries have high potential to contribute to Increased economic benefit of natural resource use.


Business description

Chaje Investments Limited is an integrated agro-based business that focuses on commercial agriculture production and trading – seed production and marketing, beekeeping and livestock.

Evelyn Chima, Malawi