Effie Kamwendo


Effie Kamwendo is an entrepreneur specialized in agribusiness. She works with women groups in agribusiness and other economic strengthening activities with the aim of uplifting own life and the lives of fellow women. Effie believes that if she empowers herself economically, then her children and the entire family will attain the financial freedom and when she works with other women in economic activities, then the whole nation will be uplifted economically because women are leaders in their homes, this means homes of more women will have financial freedom. Effie is a woman leader, she is a chairperson of the two-village savings and lending banks, she is the chairperson of a women charity group and she is a member of women investment cooperative. Through these groups, Effie is learning more about economic strengthening and is aspiring to do more in agribusiness. Effie is a Public Health Specialist. Effie holds a Master of Public Health from Curtin University in Australia.


Business description

Ndamo Enterprise is an agribusiness that also supplies food items – soya bean seeds, groundnuts, beans, legumes and rice.

Effie Kamwendo, Malawi