The Lupin Co - Navigating the world of exporting

ECA Member The Lupin Co started the business in 2016 and manufacture foods from Australian Sweet Lupin, as a high protein (40%+) and low carbohydrate (4%) option in a diabesity challenged world. They built a factory and have vertical integration back to large WA farms which supply the business.

“Our passion is very much focussed on finding the tipping point for Lupin becoming a well-known food brand and we believe that will come from significant exports to a global market,” David Fienberg, Managing Director of Lupin Co said.

Lupin Co started exporting three years ago, and that’s when they joined the ECA. “We didn’t have the skills internally to navigate across the complete world of exporting and wanted the quality backup of a national organisation,” Mr Fienberg added.
The most exciting thing happening for Lupin Co will be the launch of their new range of ready-to-eat foods to a global market in 2021. Their biggest challange for 2021 is understanding the complexity of market access across many languages and laws.