Intellectual property protection: Idea to international success

Before you think about exporting, it’s important you have a solid intellectual property (IP) foundation for your business.

Wheely Bug have been in operation since 1995. The Australian designers created the multi award winning ride on toy for children and toddlers at the cusp of walking. The bright and friendly designs are unique and promote gross motor skills.

Considering IP early was an important part of the businesses strategy, to protect its designs and products. The businesses instant success in a domestic market encouraged them to start exporting in 2000. The business expanded into a workshop with 5 employees in order to make 1000 ride on toys per month. By 2004 demand was so high that they expanded their manufacturing overseas to a US owned Chinese factory. Despite this global success, their headquarters remain in Cairns.

‘I think to have an I think to have early and well-protected strategy for your own designs is very important because that’s what you have. This is your product.’

It’s important to remember that an Australian patent, trade mark, design or plant breeder’s right does not secure your rights outside of Australia. You should consider IP protection in countries where you plan on doing business, including manufacturing and selling products online. It’s also important to ensure you are not infringing the IP rights of others in your countries of choice.

Discover more about Wheely Bug and its IP and exporting journey on the IP Australia website.

Where can I find out more about IP and exporting?

Visit IP Australia’s website to learn more about taking your business global. You can also read more about the common challenges for exports and what considerations you should take when it comes to IP protection overseas.

If you need help specific to your business or situation, it is recommended you seek advice from an IP professional.