Featured member: Murray Cod

Murray Cod Australia (MCA) was listed on the ASX in January 2017 after a group of like minded aquaculture pioneers and business innovators recognized the potential to establish a large aquaculture business in inland NSW more than 500km from the nearest ocean.

They established their Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod branding to differentiate their product from others in the marketplace.
They grow high quality Aquna Murray Cod in open ponds on the Murray Darling Basin river system – the fish’s native environment.
With full traceability, our business has a vertically-integrated approach for breeding, growing and supplying what is Australias best tasting freshwater fish. The Murray cod is an iconic Australian species with a history dating back 20 million years to the Miocene age. Murray cod was an important and nutritious food source for indigenous Australians as far back as 40,000 years ago and the fish remains culturally important to them to this day.
The superb eating qualities, uniqueness and the iconic story of the Murray cod makes it a fantastic fish for export markets.
They have built an export accredited processing facility within 30 km of their growout farms in Griffith, NSW and it is from there that they are able to export product all over the world.
Exports of their products were underway to Japan and the US prior to Covid 19 and samples had been well received in Europe and the UK. Unfortunately the pandemic has forced them to retract from these export markets temporarily, though they have been able to increase domestic sales to account for all production to date.
Murray Cod Australia is in a phase of extraordinary growth that will take their production to 10,000 tonnes per annum by 2030. This extra production will facilitate their re-entry into export markets in early 2022 as the world re-opens post pandemic.
They look forward to taking this exciting product to the worlds premium food markets.