Featured Member: Avanta Premium

Established in 2019, Avanta Premium is a NSW based, Australian owned and Australian made brand manufacturer of milk based products namely baby formula, proteins, supplements and more.

Their factory is based in Western region of NSW and all their ingredients are sourced from local farmers, making their products the only 100% Australian-made powdered formulas available to date with science and research also playing a fundamental role.

Their main export markets, are Asian and Middle Eastern countries, although they are open to explore new markets and any potential opportunties that may come up.
Like for many other exporters, Covid-19 has imposed them a major hurdle as the shipping costs have skyrocketed and despite all the challenges they’re still facing in 2021 they are well focused for the long run and they are confident there will be an increase in the demand of 100% Australian-made products.
With passion for improving quality nutrition during both early stages of life, as well as adulthood, Avanta’s main focus is to provide a series of premium products based on science and 100% Australian made.