Trade Policy Recommendations 5: 2018

Each year the ECA presents recommendations to government to improve Australia’s international trade. This year we’ve focused on ways to get SMEs exporting more.

SMEs account for 14% of Australia’s exports. In G7 countries, they account for 25%. There’s no reason for Australian SMEs to be that far behind. Lifting SME exports to 25% of Australia’s exports would increase our GDP by $36 billion.

We’ve made recommendations to help get more SMEs involved in trade and make it easier for those already exporting.

We want more SMEs to realise they have what it takes to export, and make it easier for them to find the right help. We want experienced exporters to be able to share their knowledge with businesses starting out.

We want lower costs for export documentation, including by updating EXDOCs to cover processed food. We want measures to address the rising costs of shipping. We want to see the government start moving on the single window for trade that it has promised.

We want a way to share knowledge about the best trade shows, and the ones to avoid. We want the government to adequately fund EMDG and the new national brand.

Most importantly, we want to work with government on a national strategy to encourage more SMEs into international trade.

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Trade Policy Recommendations 5: 2018