ECA Featured Member: Explorate

ECA member Explorate story began in a dusty freight forwarding warehouse in Brisbane during November 2012, when Conor Hagan was tasked with showing Alex Ewart, a recent graduate of international business, the world of international logistics.

It started like any other day in logistics back then, by sending a fax.
A relationship formed over a mutual interest in supply chains and technology.
Four years and many faxes later, these colleagues turned into co-founders and created Explorate.
Explorate is creating a simpler way to do complicated shipments by developing it’s own online platform. Built by logistics experts and powered by cutting-edge technology, we empower our shippers with instant quotes and bookings, real-time track & trace, digital dashboards and faultless workflow management.
Explorate joined the ECA in November 2020, becuase they wanted to be part of an organisation with like minded companies and people who are challenging the status quo to traditional industry.
Explorate kicked off around 5 years ago, and they specialise in the International Freight forwarding space however they’ve been doing it a little bit differently to the traditional guys in the industry.
They’ve built out their very own technology in house steering away from the traditional software solutions that the majority of freight forwarders use and utilising this to change the way their clients interact with their supply chain.
They have been exporting since the business commenced, exporting everything from Large Machinery to be sold at overseas auctions to Zinc Powder which is a key ingredient in the manufacturing process of sunscreen.
Of course, 2020 brought them many challenges which they had to adapt to, from wharf closures, rates skyrocketing & empty equipment being scarce. They had to accept that delays were imminent and a key factor was making sure the communication and transparency between Explorate and their clients was crystal clear. Their application helped immensely with this as well as introducing live tracking which updated their customers in real time on any delays without the operations team having to manually track anything.
Their plan for 2021 is to continue the path of rapid growth, withsome extremely exciting new features being introduced into their application which will translate into their customer experience.