ECA Featured member - ALTIOS

ALTIOS is a Global Business Development Firm focused on helping businesses grow through international development strategy, international expansion, subsidiary management, recruitment and cross-border investments into the worlds’ leading markets.

Established in Australia in 1991, ALTIOS has consolidated a large amount of expertise across a variety of industry sectors and has assisted foreign companies grow and expand their businesses overseas.

ALTIOS has been serving more than 8,000 international clients – high growth businesses, global companies, investment funds, government organizations and professional associations – entering new dynamic markets, establishing a presence, and expanding their business activities.
ALTIOS offers practical, personalized and efficient services, at every step of global expansion, providing end-to-end solutions and worldwide support without using different providers. ALTIOS’ 430 employees include marketplace experts, specialists in various industrial sectors and staff with legal, financial and HR expertise.
ALTIOS joined the ECA in 2013 and just renewed their membership for another year. They are looking forward to participating to ECA’s events and webinars and continuing to engage with the ECA community to help their members expand overseas.
In 2020, they opened three new offices, in Malaysia, Vietnam and New Zealand to build new relationships and support SMEs to midcap companies to expand and set up in this part of the world.
They also created a new branding deployment within the group.
From an international perspective, they have developed expertise and ability to advise and connect with ALTIOS experts all around the world according to the prospect’s needs despite the crisis
They have also developed new strong relationships and partnership with banks, institutions, professional associations and regional agencies such as Auckland Unlimited, ANZ, Credit Agricole, Singapore Enterprise, Austrade, the French Chamber of Commerce, Business France, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, …as well as participated in tradeshows (mainly in New Zealand, China and Singapore), conferences and webinars (with speakers from ALTIOS’ group)
Also in 2020, they have developed several contacts and projects within the mining, F&B, food technology, agricultural and premium consumer good environment.
ALTIOS are looking forward to their merge with M+V, which has a strong footprint in India with 5 offices and 200+ employees and they are also merging with an accounting firm in Spain and will be able to provide stronger support to their clients.
The company is developing its Corporate Finance Division to help with external growth and acquisition in 2021.
In an international context directly impacted by Covid-19, business leaders can no longer travel abroad and wonder about the resilience of their activities outside their home market. ALTIOS helped remove that uncertainty surrounding the resilience of their client’s activities outside of their home market thanks to their new Global Remote offer which includes: Rebound Strategy, Business Market Audit, International HR Solutions and Subsidiary/M&A diagnosis.
ALTIOS have a powerful global and well positioned network of 28 offices in the most attractive markets: United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, France, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, United Arab Emirates, India, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, New Zealand and Australia.