CSAT: Cybersecurity Awareness Training (online)

About the course

The lack of knowledge or awareness of cybersecurity threats by business personnel increases the risks of such attacks being successful. 

Staff are susceptible to a range of cyber security threats including malware, ransomware, denial of service, spam and phishing, and corporate account takeover.

The primary attack vectors are through email attachments, web pages, pop-ups, instant messages, and social engineering.  

This course will assist in building staff’s understanding of cybersecurity, which can dramatically reduce the potential for a successful attack, as well as limit the impact and damage done, if an attack occurs.

Course content

Consists of 5 modules: 

  • Module 1: Cybersecurity Essentials: Importance of Cybersecurity, Mobile Devices, Passwords, Physical Security, Safe Browsing, Social Networking, Travel, Your Responsibility.
  • Module 2: Working Remotely
  • Module 3: Social Engineering
  • Module 4: Password Security, Phishing, USB & External Devices/ Removable Media Risks
  • Module 5: Why Cybersecurity is Important


And there are 8 mini quizzes.

Learning outcomes

Trainees will gain understanding and awareness of:

  • the forms of cyber attacks and how these are undertaken
  • tips on what to look out for, and what action to take
  • procedures that may reduce these attacks from being successful.

Certificate of completion

At the successful conclusion of the training, you will receive a certificate of completion.  This certificate is recognised by relevant organisations, such as insurance companies, as a meaningful demonstration of your organisation’s efforts to address for cyber security threats.


Individuals – $30 plus GST

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    CSAT – Cybersecurity Awareness Training